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Walk-behind lawn mower


A walk-behind lawn mower is a small hand-push grass cutting machine widely used in gardens, parks, schools, communities, etc. 



  • The main components of a manual lawn mower include a small engine, a cutting system, and a propulsion system.

  • The engine is usually powered by either electric or fuel to provide power to the lawn mower.

  • The cutting system consists of blades and chains, responsible for cutting the grass on the lawn.

  • The propulsion system consists of a handle and a wheel, and users can control the forward direction and speed of the lawn mower through the handle.



The operation of the walk-behind lawn mower is very simple. Simply place the mower on the lawn that needs to be trimmed, and then push the mower forward through the handle to easily complete the lawn trimming work.



  • Lightweight, efficient, and environmentally friendly;

  • Due to its compact size and light weight, even women or elderly people can easily operate it;

  • Another advantage of a manual lawn mower is its simple maintenance. Due to its simple structure, most parts can be purchased in the market, and users can replace them according to their own needs;

  • In addition, due to the use of electric or fuel (gasoline) as power sources, it will not produce any harmful exhaust gases during use and is environmentally friendly.





There are over 100 brands we are dealing with, including ARS (Alice) from Japan, ZENOAH Komatsu from Japan, SINDWA from Japan, ECHO from Japan, Hoswara from Sweden, Solo from Germany, Yoshitsu Sagawa, Honda from Japan, Jialing Honda from Japan, Mitsubishi Power Machinery from Japan, Dezhisuo from Taiwan, WULI Agricultural and Forestry Machinery from Taiwan, Liusheng Garden Tools from Taiwan.

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