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Riding Road Polishing Machine


The concrete polishing machine is riding type machine mainly used for compacting and smoothing concrete floors of roads, workshops, warehouses, yards, squares, etc. The riding type polishing machine is suitable for the leveling work of large-area cement floors.

Compared with the walk-behind polishing machine, the construction efficiency and quality are significantly improved. The double grinding disc operation is simple, flexible, and fast. It is a time-saving and labor-saving equipment commonly used in construction projects.



  • Type: Internal combustion

  • Polishing disc speed: 100r/min

  • Number of blades: 4

  • Blades size: 900mm

  • Engine: gasoline engine

  • Engine power: 5.5hpkw

  • Engine speed: 100r/min

  • Lubricating oil capacity: 1L

  • Fuel tank capacity: 5L

  • Fuel consumption: 100g/h

  • Climbing ability: 10

  • Weight: 110kg

  • Dimensions: 1000 * 1000 * 700mm


Working Principle:

The polishing machine uses a scraper to scrape away the raised concrete, and then uses a unidirectional rotation of the fabric spiral from left to right to cut off the raised part of the concrete. When the design standard elevation is reached, the remaining material will be sent to the right side of the spiral. The bottom slope of the leveling beam is similar to the function of a trowel, and during the vibration process, the trowel here will play a scraping role. The vibration of the vibrator inside is generated by an eccentric block, with a frequency of 3000 times per minute, which drives the entire flat beam to vibrate the concrete together.



  • The blades made of materials are convenient for working on the ground and have a high construction level.

  • Adopting a four stroke engine, the equipment has higher stability.

  • The user-friendly operating handle and star wheel blade angle adjustment device are convenient and comfortable to operate.

  • Increase efficiency by 10 times compared to traditional smoothing processes.

  • High quality assurance.

  • Easy to start.

  • The gearbox is designed with a large module and an aluminum alloy casing, which is maintenance free and has a long service life.

  • A scientifically designed centrifugal clutch transmission mechanism with high transmission torque, long service life, and easy maintenance.



Start the polishing machine first, grip the control lever tightly to keep the machine balanced. When the polishing machine is working, hold it steady and adjust the direction in a timely manner when working on the floor to avoid losing control of the machine.

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