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Electric Cowhorn Brush Cutter


This brush cutter is a front cow horn style cutter for cutting brush and grass. It is designed with a bike handle or U-handle and a shoulder straps for effortless and convenient operation. The cutting power is from a rechargeable battery motor with strong cutting force.



  • Motor type: Brushless motor

  • Voltage: 82V

  • Battery: 5AH lithium battery

  • Charging time: 40 minutes (4A fast charging)

  • Charging and discharging frequency: 1000 times

  • Power: 1600w

  • Motor speed: adjustable handle (accelerator fixed key)

  • Idle speed: 7500rpm

  • Rod length: 1800mm

  • Rod diameter: 25.4mm

  • Handle type: Bullhorn handle, bike handle or U-handle

  • Cutting diameter: 14 "

  • Cutting tools: grass head, blade

  • Noise: 83dB

  • Self weight: 4.0kg

  • Overall weight: 6.6kg



  • 82V lithium battery, powerful as gasoline motors;

  • Electric power, No fuel, without pollution;

  • 83dB less noise;

  • Quick replacement of grass rope without dismantling the grass head;

  • Cow horn handle, effortless and easy to use;

  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying and labor saving;

  • Adjustable speeds for different operating conditions;

  • Self locking switch to prevent accidental start-up, safe and worry free;

  • Automatic winding grass head.



​There are over 100 brands we are dealing with, including ARS (Alice) from Japan, ZENOAH Komatsu from Japan, SINDWA from Japan, ECHO from Japan, Hoswara from Sweden, Solo from Germany, Yoshitsu Sagawa, Honda from Japan, Jialing Honda from Japan, Mitsubishi Power Machinery from Japan, Dezhisuo from Taiwan, WULI Agricultural and Forestry Machinery from Taiwan, Liusheng Garden Tools from Taiwan.

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