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Handheld Gasoline Hedge Trimmer


The handheld gasoline hedge trimmer is suitable for pruning of garden and roadside greening such as hedges, tea leaves, landscaping, etc. It uses gasoline engine as the power to drive the blade cutting and rotation. The blades can be single blade and double blade.



  • Engine: two-stroke gasoline engine

  • Displacement: 23CC

  • Blade type: Double edged trimming

  • Power: 0.8 kW

  • Speed: 6500 rpm;

  • Ignition system: flywheel magneto CDI system

  • Start method: manual kickback start;

  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.47 L;

  • Power and fuel consumption: 0.52 L

  • Blade form: double-edged, reciprocating

  • Blade length: 610mm;

  • Net weight: 5.5kg;

  • Packaging specifications: 1150 * 260 * 260mm


Working Principle:

The hedge trimmer mainly includes a gasoline engine, a transmission mechanism, a handle, a switch, and a blade mechanism. The gasoline power is driven by the transmission mechanism to operate the blade mechanism. The main handle is at the rear of the trimmer, and the front handle is installed at the front of the trimmer casing. The front handle can rotate at a certain angle. Its feature is that the main handle is connected to the machine body through a telescopic rod, and is connected to the machine body through a rotating mechanism at the connection between the main handle and the telescopic rod or between the telescopic rod and the machine body. The two side handles are also connected to the machine through the telescopic rod and installed on the machine through the telescopic mechanism. At the connection with the machine, they are connected to the machine body through a rotating mechanism, and the operator can adjust according to their needs and usage habits. Choose the grip method, rotation angle, and extension length of the handle, which is simple and convenient to operate, with high work efficiency, and a smaller packaging size.



​There are over 100 brands we are dealing with, including ARS (Alice) from Japan, ZENOAH Komatsu from Japan, SINDWA from Japan, ECHO from Japan, Hoswara from Sweden, Solo from Germany, Yoshitsu Sagawa, Honda from Japan, Jialing Honda from Japan, Mitsubishi Power Machinery from Japan, Dezhisuo from Taiwan, WULI Agricultural and Forestry Machinery from Taiwan, Liusheng Garden Tools from Taiwan.



1. Powerful and stable, with chrome plated cylinder walls and reinforced crankshaft, greatly extending the engine's service life.

2. Precision components; Integrated sealed bearings effectively prevent the frequent jamming of traditional needle roller bearings, thereby reducing maintenance costs for users.

3. Efficient and durable blades; Improved work efficiency; The daily workload is equivalent to the labor of 15-20 workers, greatly reducing the user's usage cost.

4. Various styles, and customers can choose between single or double blades. Safe and reliable performance; The operation is lightweight, comfortable, and simple.

5. Strong and stable power, eliminating the phenomenon of mechanical jamming during tea repair due to insufficient power, allowing users to smoothly carry out trimming work.

6. Suitable for professional pruning of tea leaves, parks, gardens, roadside hedges, and more.

7. It can rotate 180 degrees and trim thick branches with diameter big as adult thumb.


Maintenance Note:

1. Dismantle the spark plug, clean the carbon deposits, and measure the (electrode) gap between 0.6-0.7mm;

2. Repair the fuel filter and clean the fuel tank. Pour out the engine fuel, remove the filter, and gently clean it; Remove moisture and dirt attached to the fuel tank;

3. Check if the heat sink is dirty through the engine hood. If it is dirty, clean it thoroughly;

4. Check the fuel pipes and replace them in a timely manner if they age or leak oil;

5. Timely replacement of blades

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