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Road striping Machine


This striping machine is a walk-behind cold spray marking machine that sprays paint lines for roads, concrete floor, parking lots, square floor, runways, pavement, synthetic surface track, etc. It can make different lines, constraints, guidance, Parking space line, and warning signs on different grounds.


It plays a good role in urban planning and highway construction due to its advantages of speed, efficiency, and accuracy, minimizing the construction period and economic investment of pavement construction.



  • Line width: 8-25cm;

  • Walking speed: 60m/min;

  • Machine weight: 200kg

  • Climbing ability: 30°;

  • Main engine X6 of diaphragm pump;

  • Gasoline engine with Low oil level automatic alarm;

  • Anti clogging nozzle;

  • Anti static high-voltage hose.



  • There are no burrs on both sides of the line, it is very neat.

  • The glass bead automatic spreader is equipped with a speed regulating buffer device, which has the characteristics of high quality marking, fast speed, flexible operation, and easy maintenance.

  • Energy storage device 7L, with good energy storage effect, making the spraying effect more uniform and reducing pressure fluctuations.

  • High flow diaphragm pumps have good spraying pressure.

  • A comprehensive spring damping system prevents uneven marking caused by engine vibration fluctuations.

  • It can lock straight walking or freely turn to draw arcs.


Operation Process:

  • Make sure the machine is filled with gasoline, engine oil, and hydraulic oil.

  • Before starting up, open the reflux valve and adjust the pressure regulating valve to the lowest position.

  • Adjust the spray gun to the desired height before turning it on.

  • Start machine and mix it with water or thinner for the first time.

  • After starting the machine, first release the air and apply a little pressure to hold the return pipe until the material is discharged.

  • After starting up and discharging, close the reflux valve and adjust the spray completion.

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