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High Reach Pruning Pole Saw


This high reach pole saw allow uses to do tall-tree branch pruning and trimming, also known as a motorized pole saw, which is one of the commonly used garden machinery for trimming trees in landscaping. It can be used for landscaping, courtyard maintenance, road cleaning, forest fire prevention, and crop harvesting.

It is driven by electric power or internal combustion engines: internal combustion engines can be two-stroke and four stroke gasoline engines. The transmission methods can be soft shaft transmission and straight rod transmission.



  • Motor: Brushless motor

  • Voltage: 48V

  • Knife length: 20cm

  • Chain speed: 9.5m/s

  • Slot spacing: 1.1mm

  • Pitch: 9 5mm

  • Oil pot capacity: 80ml

  • Noise value: 101dB (A)

  • Quick adjustment of chain tension: Yes

  • Chain oil supply: automatic

  • Weight (without battery pack): 3.7kg


Instruction for Pruning Branches:

  • 1. When operating, hold the operating handle tightly with your right hand and naturally with your left hand on the handle, with your arms as straight as possible. The angle between the machine and the ground should not exceed 60 degrees, but the angle should not be too low, otherwise it is also difficult to operate.

  • 2. To avoid damaging the bark, rebounding the machine, or getting caught in the saw chain, when cutting thick branches, first make a cut on the lower side, that is, cut a curved cut using the end of the guide plate.



​There are over 100 brands we are dealing with, including Germany's Steele, Japan's Honda, Taiwan's Hongyang, Japan's Jinguan, Japan's Maruyama, Japan's Komatsu, Japan's Olis, Japan's Tanaka, American Corolla, American MacLehose, China's Huasheng, Japan's Mitsubishi, American Briggs&Stratton, South Korea's Qiyang, etc.

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