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Walk-Behind Garden Sprayer


The walk-behind garden sprayer is designed for the efficient distribution of water, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers over gardens, lawns, or small agricultural plots. This sprayer is a good helper for gardeners and small-scale farmers who need a convenient and effective way to apply liquid treatments over a moderate area.





Tank, Pump, Handle and Control Mechanism, Spray Boom and Nozzles, Wheels, Hose and Wand (Optional), Power Source (for powered models).



  • Simple operation, convenient, with stable performance and easy maintenance, ensuring the efficiency of the operation.

  • Racks adopt reinforced structures, which have the characteristics of durability.

  • Proficient in complex terrain operations in the wild, fully suitable for various working environments in rural areas and villages, with high air volume and high wind pressure combined with wet mist forest fire extinguishing effects.

  • High power, low fuel consumption, strong pressure, uniform atomization, high/long range;

  • It can work with multiple people simultaneously, has high efficiency, saves medication, strong adhesion, and reduces costs;

  • Install a pipe roller, which has a larger operating range and higher efficiency.

  • It can be used for mist spraying, water spraying for cleaning, and water column spraying, suitable for field operations.

  • The engine is with strong power, low fuel consumption, good durability, excellent quality, and low price. The cast steel gearbox is durable.



  • It is suitable for large-scale spraying of agricultural and liquid fertilizers in fruit forests, nurseries, farmland, lawns, and other areas.

  • At the same time, it can easily complete the cleaning of vehicles, equipment, walls, doors and windows, and large-scale epidemic prevention, as well as humidifying and spray of garden flowers. It can also be applied to small-scale fire extinguishing, reducing losses caused by fire spread, and is a powerful assistant for enterprises to allocate and reduce property losses when necessary.

  • Preventing Agricultural pests and diseases: Cotton, soybeans, corn, potatoes, castor beans, sunflowers, etc. It can quickly kill locusts and pests, as well as large areas of agricultural and forestry pests and diseases.

  • They can also be used in protective forests, fast-growing poplar forests, economic forests, green belts on both sides of highways, urban street trees, and other tall trees.

  • It can be used for dust reduction and cooling in factories, coal mines, cast iron factories, highways, and demolition sites.

  • Large scale disinfection and epidemic prevention after floods, fires, and natural disasters. Garbage dump odor removal, large-scale pest control, and hygiene and epidemic prevention.


Working Features:

  • This sprayer is equipped with a jet stirring system inside the medicine box to forcibly stir the medicine solution. Therefore, the concentration of the medicine in the medicine box is uniform from beginning to end.

  • The elastic return mechanism and protective rod at the end of the spray arm can effectively protect the nozzle from damage.

  • This product is equipped with an automatic water filling function, which can fill the medicine box in 3 hours, reducing auxiliary operation time and improving work efficiency.

  • This sprayer has a large flow rate, stable pressure, uniform atomization of spraying components, and reliable anti dripping.

  • The nozzle is made of aluminum alloy and the medicine box is made of polyethylene, which is sturdy and resistant to various pesticide corrosion.

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