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Battery Hand-Held Cut-off Saw


This handheld saw is a battery power circular blade cut-off saw applied to cut concrete, bricks, steel bars, and metal pipes, blocks, pavers, steel bars and concrete pads. It can also be used to break down hard obstacles during emergency rescue.



  • Brand: Greenworks;

  • Model: 82PC12;

  • Max. Power: 2.5Kw;

  • Rated Power: 2.2Kw;

  • Motor type: Brushless Motor;

  • Weight: 6.7kg;

  • Rotation speed: 78m/s;

  • Saw blade diameter: 12“

  • Cutting depth: 4.3”

  • Battery: 4Ah with charger;

  • Protection level: IPX4.



  • 82V 2.5Kw, High power and torque, long working time, Brushless Motor;

  • Soft rubber handle for comfortable grip;

  • LED lighting make the saw can be easily operated in dark areas;

  • Segmented diamond blades for better performance;

  • More compact in size, able to operate in narrow spaces;

  • More stable output power and better cutting quality;

  • There is no risk of frequent starting of fuel engines due to clogged air filters, and there is no fear of dusty working conditions;

  • The base, bracket, and saw blade guard are all made of magnesium alloy;

  • Low noise, light weight, low vibration, no fatigue after long-term use;

  • Equipped with a water spray cooling system, it can be directly connected to a backpressure water pipe, and there is a water spray flow adjustment switch.

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