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Electric Pruning Shears


This electric pruning shears is a battery powered branch cutting scissors used for gardening, greening, orchard, agriculture, fruit coating, nursery, flower and tree planting, professional pruning team, self owned small garden fruit trees, grafting, etc.



  • Working voltage: DC40V

  • Battery capacity and working time: 14ah, 25-30/6ah, 10-13h

  • Battery charging time: 6-7H

  • Battery Weight: 4.5kg

  • Shear weight: 900g

  • Motor type: brushless motor

  • Shear diameters: 0-45mm

  • Product weight: 770g

  • Working environment temperature: -15 ℃~60 ℃/5 ° F-140 ° F

  • All accessories: 1 shear, 1 Multifunctional controller, 1 battery, 1 charger, 1 set of tools, 1 instructions, 1 bottle of lubricating oil



  • Easy: Easy to operate, sensitive switch to cut at will;

  • Efficiency: High efficiency, less labor cost;

  • Effortless: Less hand soreness and arm pain, long time operation, effectively avoiding the occurrence of tendinitis in the arms and fingers;

  • Non destructive: The shear section of the branches is smooth and undamaged, easy to heal, and avoids decay and lesions caused by uneven or torn incisions;

  • Environmental protection: Electric drive;

  • Long battery life, supporting long-term operation;

  • Thick and dry branches are easy to cut;

  • Easier targeting large-sized branches;

  • High blade hardness, no need to worry about bouncing edges



​There are over 100 brands we are dealing with, including ARS (Alice) from Japan, ZENOAH Komatsu from Japan, SINDWA from Japan, ECHO from Japan, Hoswara from Sweden, Solo from Germany, Yoshitsu Sagawa, Honda from Japan, Jialing Honda from Japan, Mitsubishi Power Machinery from Japan, Dezhisuo from Taiwan, WULI Agricultural and Forestry Machinery from Taiwan, Liusheng Garden Tools from Taiwan.



  • Stay away from children;

  • Electric pruning shears belong to electronic products, avoiding water ingress and keeping away from humid environments;

  • After use, please remove the battery, close the blade, and put it in the toolbox for storage;

  • Clean the blade after use and apply lubricating oil (operate after removing the battery);

  • The battery needs to be charged in a timely manner.

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