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Steel Bar Straightening & Cutting Machine


Steel Bar Straightening Cutting Machine GT4-16 is designed to cut the steel bar or rebar with diameter 4-16mm, length 10mm-3000mm (can be lengthened). It is suitable for straightening and cutting of coiled steel bars, bent steel bars and straight steel bars.

This machine mainly consists of a straightening mechanism, hydraulic cutting, material tray, and electrical control box. This product is controlled by a microcomputer and equipped with a complete hydraulic system. With only input of length, quantity, and batch, it can operate fully automatically, completing the entire operation from steel bar adjustment to cutting.


Moreover, it is important to note that this machine has a small production area, high efficiency, stable operation, and convenient operation. It is truly suitable for use in various construction sites, iron plants, and other construction sites, stable, reliable, efficient, fast, and easy to operate.





  • Fully automated, simple to operate, less noise, and high precision.

  • The special cut-to-length assembly eliminates the continuous cutting and miscutting failures, and the length after cutting reaches zero error.

  • The use of general-purpose bearing steel straightening wheels, alloy steel wear-resistant parts, self-lubricating bearings and other advanced craft materials greatly improve the durability of the machine.

  • This machine is small in size, easy to move in disassembly and assembly, fast feeding speed, no slippage, no bending to the steel bar.

  • This machine prevents the bar surface from damage, and is an ideal steel bar straightening and cutting equipment for users.

  • Adjustable traction speed, low speed for short bars, high speed for long bars.


Technical Features:

  • Fast straightening efficiency: Due to the use of a variable frequency controller, the straightening speed of this machine is 50 meters per minute.

  • Accurate sizing accuracy: Due to the use of imported CNC cutting control, the size accuracy is achieved, with a cutting length error of ≤ ± 2mm and simple adjustment.

  • High straightening accuracy: The straight height of the straightened steel bar is ≤ 2mm/m, which is higher than the accuracy of similar machines and equipped with high durability tungsten steel wear-resistant blocks.

  • Low failure rate: Due to the use of imported PLC and variable frequency controller, the components are finely processed and the quality control is strict, which can operate without faults for a long time.

  • Convenient to disassemble, easy to transport and install, equipped with a CNC device that can be positioned according to different customer requirements, quantities, and lengths.

  • Fast straightening speed, accurate cutting, no noise, no continuous cutting, adjustable for straightening of round steel bars and threaded steel bars of grade 4- and 14, suitable for various construction sites and steel bar processing. Cutting range: round steel: 4-12mm;

  • 2. Using a programmable device that can control the straightening and cutting process, the device can remember 20 different lengths and quantities of steel reinforcement specifications at once. All batch settings can be completed on the digital display screen, and the operation is simple and fast.

  • 3. The modulation wheel, square blade, and circular blade are all supported by heat-treated (quenched) alloy steel, which can work under heavy loads and have a long service life.



  • Straightening Cylinder Section:

  1. This section mainly relies on adjusting the straightness of the wire by adjusting the cutting roller and the offset of the built-in straightening mother, and the rotation of the straightening roller to complete the straightening work of the wire.

  2. Another method mainly relies on the rotation of 5 sets of symmetrical straightening wheel blocks and straightening cylinders to completely eliminate stress and promote the operation of the wire under the action of hyperbolas. By using the forward and backward movement of the adjustment bracket, the straightness of the wire can be adjusted freely, thus completing the straightening work of the wire.

  • Feeding Section: This section mainly consists of one set of push box and one set of traction box, powered by a 3KW-4 motor through a triangular belt, wheels inside the box, and a chain wheel for the shaft. Thus driving a pair of feeding wheels to complete the feeding work.

  • Cutting Section: This section is mainly driven by a 4KW-4-pole motor to drive the hydraulic pump station, which is controlled by electromagnetic reversing and overflow valve. The reciprocating stroke of the movable soil knife assembled on the piston rod of the oil cylinder of the balance guide rail mobile car and the fixed circular bottom knife line and collision assembled on the oil cylinder seat cut the steel bars passing through the circular bottom knife. Due to the cutting of the bar during movement, the instantaneous resistance during cutting drives the moving cart forward, forming a knife following motion. When the piston rod drives the upper knife back to its original position, the resistance of the wire supply is eliminated. At this time, the movable trolley is pulled back to its original position by the steel wire rope under the action of the heavy weight, and is in a waiting to cut state. It mainly consists of a 4KW-4 pole motor, gear pump, electromagnetic directional valve, overflow valve, integral block, movable trolley, balance guide rail, high-pressure oil pipe, oil pool, etc. 

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