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Horizontal Gasoline Branch Crusher


The horizontal tree branch crusher is garden machinery employed to crush tree branches, leaves, weeds, crop straw, rice straw, etc. The crushed wood can be returned to the field for fertilizer, and the crushed weeds can be used to feed cattle and sheep. Instead of on-site incineration, it is cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and does not pollute the air.



  • Crushing diameter: 3-100mm

  • Knife disc speed: ≥ 2800rpm/min

  • Engine model: single cylinder four stroke gasoline engine

  • Engine displacement: 389cc

  • Output power: 13HP 3600rpm/min

  • Gasoline tank capacity: 6L

  • Oil capacity: 1.1L

  • Start method: manual kickback start

  • Fuel type: 92/95 unleaded gasoline



This branch crusher is suitable for crushing tree branches and leaves in orchards, forest farms, tea factories, nurseries, orchards, and gardens. With portable outdoor work, it can be used in parks, universities, communities, and enterprises and institutions.



  • 2 in 1 shredder

  • Equipped with low oil protection device

  • With one feeding hole for large capacity crushing

  • High speed steel blade

  • Potable rubber tire moving

  • This crusher consists of an upper and lower casing, with a cutting blade and a crushing hammer inside. The lower organic seat and motor frame are integrated, all of which are made of steel structures, thereby enhancing the stability of the work.

  • The feeding port is designed with two sets of flat cutting knives and one set of fixed knives. After cutting the long material into sections during work, it is crushed again, reducing the resistance during crushing, increasing the crushing force, and increasing the output.

  • The processed raw materials enter the feeding port and form a self suction feed through the rotation of the internal fan blades, which can further improve the stability coefficient of the machine.

  • The fineness adjustment of this machine is based on the size of the sieve bottom aperture. The output is determined based on the size of the finished product required by the user, and the larger the particle size of the finished product, the greater the output.

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