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Difference between garden tools and horticultural tools

Garden tools are maintenance equipment for greening landscapes, which are mechanized tools that focus on maintaining lawns, hedges, protecting flowers, plants, and trees, replacing most manual labor. According to the classification of usage scenarios, garden tools include horticultural tools and garden tools. According to the classification of usage objects, it can also be divided into household tools and professional tools.


  • Horticultural Tools

Horticultural tools include garden scissors, flower tools (garden flower tools, small flower sets), etc.

The main products of garden scissors include high branch scissors, whole hedge scissors (fence scissors), pruning scissors (whole branch scissors, pruning scissors), multi-purpose scissors, fruit picking scissors, flower scissors, grass scissors, etc; The garden set of flower tools (garden flower tools, small flower tools) includes flower shovels, flower shovels, flower rakes, flower hoes, flower forks, etc., specifically including two headed hoes (two headed flower hoes), flat hoes, flat hoes, three toothed flower hoes, three toothed flower hoes, hoes, hoes, large flower shovels, small flower shovels, three shaped flower shovels, one shaped flower forks, six toothed flower hoes, etc.


  • Garden Tools

The main types of garden equipment include lawn trimmers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, water pumps, punching machines, drafting machines, pesticide sprayers, and various garden tools.

With the development of urban construction in China in recent years, urban greening has become a major industry, and daily maintenance relies on these tools to complete. Most of the garden tools seen in daily life are gasoline powered, such as lawn mowers, pruning shears, lawn mowers, edge trimmers, and irrigation mowers. Household tools are not common in the domestic market. Although most of them are produced domestically, they are mostly sold to European and American markets.

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